Customizable Forms

The need to collect information within an organization or from customers requires the creation of new functionalities on a website or intranet.

Prepare interactive forms in our system by modeling your organization's processes in them.

Don't limit yourself to simple data collection. Our system can model processes with permissions! Thanks to the forms, solutions were created for our clients, such as:

The built-in role mechanism allows you to generate data flow in the organization. You can model any processes, here are examples:

Imagine that you want to build a payment approval process, e.g.
  1. The employee requests costs
  2. The manager gets notification and accepts the expense plan
  3. The employee makes a purchase, enters the purchase value and a scan of the invoice
  4. The system registers / indexes the content of the invoice and the signed expense to the employee's account in the CRM system
You need your customers to express their opinions about the product
  1. You define fields to be filled in, eg product evaluation
  2. You embed the code on your online store page
  3. Each time the opinion is filled in, the employee gets notification