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WiseHub - who we are?

You have many data sources in your organization, these are accounting and sales data collected in various Excel sheets, data provided by contractors ...
And what can you do with them?

You need a tool that will be able to actually use the knowledge accumulated in the data and present it to you properly.

Tool that will generate such reports as you need, tool that by automating the reporting process will reduce employees' time wasted on repetitive activities, tools that detect data anomalies at an early stage, saving you time and money.

We can integrate your data from typical and unusual places. Examples include: online payment systems, road and highway toll system, bank data, data from state offices, data from machines and devices. Did you know that by detecting anomalies in the data, we can predict machine damage??


We have a range of products for you in the area of ​​data analysis, data aggregation and artificial intelligence

If you have special requirements, please contact us!



Your data is valuable, we care about its confidentiality by storing it in an encrypted form.


Do you have a small or large organization? Never mind, thanks to our architecture, the solution can grow with you.

On premise

Don't want to keep your data in the cloud? We will run the entire solution on your resources.


Do you like the cloud? We will provide you with an SLA of 99.9% or we will run it in your data center.


The Rest API mechanism allows the solution to be integrated with other services.


Connect many different data sources to the system.

How It Works?

Bez względu na to gdzie masz zgromadzone dane, podłącz ich źródło bo bazy hurtownii. Dane zostaną na etapie transmisji uporządkowane, zweryfikowane. Moduł detekcji anomalli może dokonywać analiz w locie, raporty same się odświeżą, a serwer subksrypcji wyśle je do odbiorców.

They trusted us